Trip Cities

Rome, Florence, Siena

Athens, , Delphi

Thessaloniki, Ephesus, Pergamum

Istanbul, Sardis, Bologna

Jamestown, Yorktown, Monticello

Washington DC, colonial Williamsburg

Philadelphia, Gettysburg, NYC


     Greg and Kim Ford have a passion for the world.  Having traveled the world in over 100 countries leading teams and in personal ministry, they have led thousands on successful, life enhancing adventures around the globe.  Their travels combine educational, cultural, and exploratory elements that create a comfortable mastery of foreign cities and fascinating people.

     Greg and Kim have six incredible children who are influencers through overseas travel, home education, significant church involvement, and the passionate pursuit of life.  Among other life skills, Greg is a multi-year Challenge 4 Director and Kim is an Oklahoma AR for CC.

NOTE: is focused on imparting a positive worldview and calling within all student participants.

NOTE: We are Challenge 3 & Challenge 4 Directors who love Classical Conversations. Our youngest is in Challenge 4, plus we have three additonal Challenge 4 grads, fifteen years involvement with CC, and have seen the impact of experiencing first hand historic sites in the USA & overseas for our own children plus many others we've taken on Classical trips in the last eight years.

Neither Global Quest Inc or are endorsed by or affiliated with Classical Conversations Inc.