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#1 Not everyone comes from the same city.

A typical summer with has students coming from multiple cities, multiple states, and occasionally multiple countries.  To force everyone to travel to the same USA departure gateway increases the cost of travel for most.

#2 Flying out of NYC is not always the cheapest

A NYC departure from the USA is the easiest and cheapest option if everyone were coming from New York.  However, the domestic airfare from many cities to NYC can be significant.  When domestic airfare from your home city to NYC is added to the overall trip cost, it can easily be hundreds of dollars more than not flying through NYC.

#3 You may want to go early or come back later
It is not unusual for some of the summer trippers to go over to Europe early or add additional travel at the end of the trip.  A forced departure & return from a USA gateway city eliminates the option of an earlier arrival or later return.
#4 Arrival to Rome and Departure from Istanbul may not fit your travel

See #3 above.  We fly from the USA to Italy (usually Rome) and depart 22 days later from Istanbul.  Your travel schedule may not fit a Rome arrival or Istanbul departure.

#5 What if I don't want my student traveling to Europe alone?

Great question! Unless you have very limited travel options (which has rarely been the case), we will work with you to get the

(a) lowest cost airfare from your nearest USA gateway,

(b) coordinate your student's travel to be with other student trippers along the way before arriving in Europe,

(c) meet your student at the airport in Italy so that they are not alone in Europe, and

(d) see your student safely off from Istanbul before we ourselves depart.

#6 Why are this year's trips more expensive than last years trips?

The after effects of Covid and inflation have been significant.  People who haven't traveled for 2-3 years because of Covid are now traveling again.  Airfare prices, lodging, and food are all more expensive due to demand.  Secondly, inflation has not only hit the USA but also Europe.  Gas prices alone have doubled. Airfare has risen by 30-40% in the last year. 

The 2023 Summer Trip has increased in price by about 7%.  However, the trip quality and experience has not diminished at all.

#7 All intra-European travel is included in the trip prices.

Only the airfare to & from Europe are not included. In other words, all travel once you have arrived in Europe at the start of the trip (May 28), all travel in Italy, Greece, and Turkey until the end of the trip (Jun 17) is included in the trip price.  

Travel from the USA to Europe at the beginning of the trip and travel from Europe to USA at the end of the trip is NOT included.

#8 Trip prices include all European transportation, 3 meals/day, visas, entrance fees, lodging, etc.

Expenses not included are:  travel to and from Europe, passport fees, overseas medical insurance (required), souvenirs, extra food not included in your 3 meals/day, etc.

What if I still have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us. Feel free to text or call @ 918.770.8088

NOTE: you will most likely get voicemail.  Please LEAVE A MESSAGE!  We will call you back.

# Please consider this: #

Airfare is typically one of the largest single costs associated with the summer trip.  Buying your airfare early (typically about 3 months) will result in the least expensive airfare possible and can save hundreds of dollars off the overall trip cost.  

For example, round trip airfare from Tulsa to Rome, then Istanbul to Tulsa can be found for $700-800 when purchased early.  If the same airfare is purchased only 2-3 weeks before departure, airfare may be as high as $1600+.

Note: We will work with you to:

(1) get the cheapest airfare possible,

(2) connect your student's air travel with other students coming on the trip, and

(3) ensure safe travel for all. 

Your student will be tracked from their USA departure till their European arrival. We will not abandon your student!  We will meet them at the airport upon their arrival. We will see them safely off at the end of the trip before our own departure.

Their safety is important to us, just like it is to you.

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