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Parents on the Trip

As stated on the FAQ page, Parents and additional family members are welcome to join their Student on the trip. We are firm believers in the value of a shared, family experience overseas.


However, keep in mind this is a Student trip, designed to accommodate a Student budget by utilizing Student lodging and a Student's budget for food.  As an adult, you are expected to stay in the same lodging, eat the same food, abide by the same meal plan, walk at the same pace, follow the same rules, and keep the same great attitude Students typically have when they are seeing some of Europe's wonders for the first time.  However, as an adult, you are not expected to be a Site Expert (unlike our expectations for each student). 

NOTE: If you were planning an Adult trip or Family trip on your own, you would probably choose different accommodations and eating establishments than what are chosen for this trip.

Parents & family members should recognize in advance that there will be very little opportunity to pull your student out of the regular grouping to do a family activity on your own.  IF this is your desire, we will be happy to work with you to coordinate your arrival to Europe earlier than or depart Europe later than the rest of the group.


This trip is designed as a Student Group trip, not a private Adult or Family vacation trip. Typically, students bond better and develop more when  a parent gives them the freedom to experience the culture apart from parental supervision.  "Helicopter" parents create a negative environment for others and limit the learning experience of the students.

Note: All adults are expected to abide by the same rules regarding smoking, vaping, and drinking alcohol as the students.

Note: Anything outside of the group activity is at your own expense.

Note: Parents are welcome to pull-away separate from the group at their own expense as desired, as long as you don't take your student with you.  It throws off  "group dynamics" that we work diligently to achieve.

Younger Students (under 16)

If a family member under the age of 16 desires to attend, a Parent must accompany the under-16 student.

(Note: students 13-15 are expected to be a site expert for at least one site during the trip.  Guidelines and assistance will be provided in advance.)

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