How might Covid affect the Trip while I'm in country?


This page is currently under development and will be updated during the first two weeks of March 2021. 

Check back for updates to the following questions . . .

As of March 2021, You are required to wear a mask at:

- all airports in the USA & overseas

- on all flights to/from/within Europe

- at all public sites in Italy & Greece.

This could change before our trip, but at this point, it's still an unknown. 

Entry requirements may be as follows:

(1) Proof of Covid vaccination OR

(2) a doctor’s statement you have recovered from Covid fully OR

(3) proof of an antibody test showing you had Covid before and are now Negative OR

(4) a negative Covid test before (a) boarding your flight from the USA, (b) another negative Covid test before entering each foreign country, and (c) another negative Covid test just before boarding your flight to return to the USA.


What if I get Covid and am not able to depart the USA with the group?

What if I'm negative in the USA, but test Positive for Covid upon arrival in Europe?

What if I get Covid during the trip?

What if I get Covid just before returning to the USA?

Will I be abandoned overseas?

Who pays for the expense if I need a Covid test overseas?

What if I test Positive and need treatment and/or hospitalization while overseas? 

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