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Rules to Live By
(for students & adults)
aka the DOs & DON'ts of a ClassicalTrips trip



Don't go anywhere alone outside the apartment.
Don't leave our lodging without express approval from the TripLeaders.

No guys in girls bedrooms & vice versa
No kissing, lap­sitting, PDA, neck rubs, constant or consistent leaning on each other, heads in laps, leg-locked sitting, etc.

No guys/girls pairing off alone.

No bare feet outside our lodging (other than the beach).
No fountain swimming.
No statue climbing.

Don't invite strangers to join us without prior approval from the TripLeader.

Do not be loud on the balcony, in the hallways, or outside your rooms.

Don't stop to shop without the TripLeader’s approval.
Don’t stop & shop as we’re en-route to a site without approval.

No alcohol, beer, wine, drugs, smoking, medical marijuana, vaping, cussing . . . you get the idea.

Don't make us late. Certain events are pre­paid, scheduled, ticketed events for which we cannot be late.

Don’t make us late or we may need to leave you behind for the day.

Don't monopolize the bathroom. Bathrooms are for bathing, toilet needs, & tooth brushing, NOT makeup, clothes changing, quiet time, book reading, etc.
If you get a dish dirty, wash it. We do not have maid service.
Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Don't play loud music. No loud noises. Respect others.

Don't wear headphones, earbuds, etc when outside your room. 

Don't ignore an illness. If you get sick, diarrhea, or constipation tell the TripLeader or a parent. We have magical cures. If you stay sick, we will inform your parents & leave you in a safe place at our lodging, but we'll continue our daily tour as planned while checking with you periodically.

Don’t borrow money from non-­family group members.

Don’t accuse locals of stealing your stuff, money, etc until you’ve talked with the TripLeader.

No new tattoos . . . find a better souvenir!

No imitation alcohol, look-alikes, non-alcoholic beer, etc.

Do not post inappropriate images in which you tag

No sexualized images or products, regardless of whether or not they have a practical application i.e. bottle opener, etc.

Don't bring gaming devices such as: Gameboys, Nintendo Switch, PSP, etc.

And don't forget to have fun!


Do Travel Light (only bring essential items) when we leave for the day.

Do keep up with the group when we're walking.

Do wear shoes outside your room.

Do make your bed daily. Yes, make your bed daily!

Do keep your room picked up & your bedroom neat & clean daily.
Do clean a mess if you make a mess.

Do clean it now, not later.

Do respect other's sleep and appropriate quiet hours.

Do respect the culture, don’t mock it. 

Do stay with the group.

Do travel in approved (by the TripLeader) groups of 4 or more

Do have fun.

Do use the bathrooms when we stop for the bathrooms as it may be a few hours before you have the chance again. 

Do come prepared . . .  most public bathrooms do NOT have toilet seats, provide toilet paper, and public bathrooms are not free.

Do keep € change in your pocket. Public bathrooms cost 1 € to use.

Do be respectful of the other group members needing to use the bathrooms, etc.

Do have fun.

Do watch constantly for pickpockets and thieves.

Do say something if you see something concerning.
Do keep eyes focused on those around you, not just our group.

Do watch for Pickpockets . . . they can spot a student group a mile away.

Do take a break from social media.
Do put down your phone, lift up your head, and look around you at the amazing sites!

Do tell the TripLeader if there is conflict with another group member or a local. We are specially trained in Conflict Resolution.


Do observe No Phone Zones!

ALL meals are “no phone zones”.

ALL historic sites are “no phone zones”.

MOST travel is a “no phone zone”.

What is a "no phone zone"?

A "no phone zone" is a location where you CAN use your phone for taking pictures, share insights and meaningful information with the group, make memories, etc. but CANNOT use your phone for playing games, immersing yourself in social media, texting friends back home while ignoring the rest of the group, listening to music, watching movies, etc. Put down your phone and dig into the unique and special lives of those traveling with you instead!

"No phone zones" are at all historic sites, all meals, and during most travel.


Alcohol / Wine / eCigs / Smoking / Marijuana / etc

Decisions about alcohol, beer, wine, smoking, medical marijuana, etc are personal decisions, and Christian practices vary widely regarding their use. It is not our desire to impose our interpretation and practice upon trip participants, however, necessity dictates that we establish guidelines that the entire group will follow. has chosen to abide by a strict interpretation of "avoiding the appearance of evil" and "doing nothing that would cause a brother to fall" among all our fellow Christian believers.  As such, all participants must agree to abide by our guidelines regarding the use of these during all of the trip. 

We practice a strict No alcohol, No wine, No smoking, No illegal drugs, etc on all ClassicalTrip experiences.  

Each trip participant commits to abstain from these practices during the entirety of the trip, beginning with the NYC departure and ending after the NYC return.  Though your personal beliefs may differ from these guidelines, by coming on the trip, you are agreeing to abstain during the trip entirety.  This commitment applies to all trip participants, whether they are adult or student; with the group or separate, during scheduled events or during free time, etc. 

It is our purpose to maintain a Christian witness at all times in all behavior.


What about COUPLES on the trip?
  1. Are you engaged or married? Congrats! You’re officially a couple.

  2. Are you pre­-engaged with parental consent? (That means both sets of parents consider you pre­-engaged, parents are assuming you will marry each other, and you are in an exclusive, pre­-marriage relationship with each other.) Congrats! You’re a couple.

  3. Anything else . . . you are NOT a couple for the purposes of this trip.

    Dating two months or two years doesn’t make you an “official couple” for the purposes of this trip. If you don't fit into guidelines #1 or #2 above, even a parent's "pre-approval" does not make you "a couple". 

  4. The following rules apply to you if you are "not a couple": No kissing, lap­sitting, PDA, cross-­gender neck rubs, constant or consistent leaning on each other, heads in laps, leg-locked sitting, etc. No pairing off alone.

  5. Why is this an issue? 

    1. You will be in some of the most romantic places on earth with amazing students of the opposite sex,

    2. The perfect music will play softly in the background while the moonlight shines beautifully across the ancient ruins of a fallen empire,

    3. Cupid will wing his merry way across the sky. 

    4. Aphrodite is on the hunt for new victims.

    5. Love, true love, will seem to be irresistible and contagious.

  6. However, the focus of a ClassicalTrip experience is to inform, educate, inspire, and expand you as a person, NOT assist you in finding your lifelong soul mate. 

  7. If, perchance, the stars of the universe have aligned perfectly and the love of your life (as ordained by destiny and validated by last night's pizza dream) is found during the trip, the burning flames of love and passion will have to endure beyond the end of the trip.

  8. This trip is not your "pre-honeymoon" trip!


No one is out to mug you, but there are a lot of pickpockets. 

Typically, a couple of people in our group get pickpocketed due to their lack of diligence and focus. 


There WILL BE PICKPOCKET ATTEMPTS made by bad people who want what you have.  Plan accordingly!


You must stay visually and proximity aware of those around you at all times.  Pickpockets look like normal people. They blend in with the crowds.  They are experts at their jobs. They are aware when you are distracted. They are professionals!

Student groups stand out in crowds. Stay on the alert!


You are traveling on the trip of a lifetime with other incredible people who have come from around the world to experience the same wonders you have hoped this trip will be.  Dig in to learn more about the other people in your group and people you meet in each country. 


Practice asking questions that will help you get to know them better.  Share aspects of your life that will help us get to know you better. It is not uncommon to come away from one of our summer trips with new found friendships that last for years.

Ask good questions (that's the Socratic approach) and listen deeply to the answers.  

Technology (phones, screens, ear buds, etc) can be a blessing, but put it up when you're with your tripmates so you can get to know each other better. 

Tik Tok, Instagram, etc will keep you from getting to know those around you.  Save it for your lodging at the end of the day. 

Earbuds are great, but it makes you look like you don't want to talk to anyone.

Don't wear them when we are out as a group.

Games on your phone may be entertaining, but unless the whole group can play & interact with you in that game, save it for the end of the day when you're alone.

Leave your portable Gaming devices at home. There is very little opportunity to use them during the trip. 

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