#1 Italy Greece Turkey 2021
July 11 - Aug 2
$3880*  23 days

#2 Italy Greece 2021
July 11 - July 26
$3260*  16 days

#3 Italy 2021
July 11 - July 20
$2960*  10 days

"It’s amazing! We just went this past May. Worth every penny!"   a parent 
"I was amazed by all we saw, what we learned, and how much fun it was!"   
"!ncredible fun and amazing sites!.  I want to go again!"   
"Thank you for all the wonderful memories I've collected in Europe."
* from NYC
"I can't stop thinking about the gelato!"   

NOTE: We are Challenge 3 & Challenge 4 Directors who love Classical Conversations. Our youngest is still in the program, plus we have three Challenge 4 grads, twelve years involvement with CC, and have seen the impact of experiencing first-hand historic sites in the USA & overseas for our own children plus others we've taken on trips in the last 7 years. Neither Global Quest Inc nor ClassicalTrips.org are endorsed by or affiliated with Classical Conversations Inc.

Why a Classical Trip?

What we can learn

Learn how to apply the fields of Classical literature, history, archeology, anthropology, architecture and more to our modern understanding of social and cultural development.     This educational and enlightening trip is designed to "go deep" rather than "go wide". Participants will gain a mastery of local transportation, cuisine, navigation, culture, and historic influences. Opportunities for mentoring and leadership development are available.

Perspective is everything

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but nothing replaces the reality of being there in person.


Socratic discussions

Far beyond the limitations of a classroom setting, in-depth Socratic discussions led by homeschool Challenge Directors and students are eye-opening and enlightening when held at the very sites the students have studied.  Literally dozens of places and events addressed in Boorstein's Discoverers and in the ancient literary works of Homer and Virgil, plus New Testament stories took place in what is now modern-day Turkey, Greece, and Italy.

Don't just read about history . . . experience it firsthand!


Known as the Ugliest Man, Socrates, questioned conventional ideas and was a great mentor to Plato. Plato is known for his belief that "ideas rule the world" and was the teacher of Aristotle. Aristotle taught Alexander the Great, and is known for his belief in the power of logic. You will experience their world first hand and the culture that influence their ideas

2021 is our 8th year and 13th trip!