2020 Rescheduled to 2021 Summer Trip Update


2021 Summer Trips

Here are the dates for the 2021 Summer trip:


Italy only July 11-20 (includes only Florence & Rome) $2960

Italy-Greece July 11-26 (Italy plus Athens & Delphi) $3260

Italy-Greece-Turkey July 11-Aug 2 (Italy, Greece plus Ephesus & Istanbul) $3880


Regardless of which trip you were originally signed up for, you are welcome to join in any of the 3 options for this summer.


If you choose any of the three trips, monies you paid towards the 2020 trip will fully apply.


Travel Requirements

As expected, travel permission into Italy, Greece, or Turkey has the following requirements:


You will most likely be required to wear a mask at:

- all airports in the USA & overseas

- on all flights to/from/within Europe

- at all public sites in Italy & Greece.

This could change before our trip, but at this point, it's still an unknown. 

Entry requirements are currently as follows:

(1) Proof of Covid vaccinations (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca) OR

(2) Doctor’s proof you have recovered from Covid within 6 months of trip’s end  OR

(3) proof of an antibody test showing you had Covid before and are now Negative  OR

(4) a negative Covid test less than 72 hours before 

     (a) boarding your flight from the USA and

     (b) another negative Covid test before entering each foreign country and 

     (c) another negative Covid test just before boarding your flight to return to the USA.


Despite what you may have read or heard, none of the countries we will visit are requiring Vaccination as the only option. However, you should be aware that if you are opting for the “Negative Covid Test” at each entry point, each rapid test will be at your own expense. Though some of the countries are testing for free at the airport, the average cost for those that are not providing free tests is $15-35 per test. We will know prior to trip departure whether or not there is a cost for the “entry point” rapid covid tests.

NOTE: Vaccination is a personal issue.  Though I chose to be vaccinated due to my international travel frequency and age, my 17yo daughter who will be joining us on this trip has not been vaccinated. We have factored time in our travel schedule at each entry point for rapid testing of those who choose not to be vaccinated. If you choose to be vaccinated, the 2nd shot must have been received at least two weeks prior to trip departure. And since the Pfizer & Moderna require 4 weeks between the 1st & 2nd shots, by my calculation May 24 is the last date you can receive the first shot. IF you receive the Johnson & Johnson, you have until June 26 I believe.


Trip Schedule


July 11 - depart NYC

July 12-15 - Florence

July 15-20 - Rome

July 20 - Italy-only trippers depart for NYC

July 20-26 - Athens/ Delphi & more

July 26 - Italy-Greece-only trippers depart for NYC

July 26 - overnight cruise Athens to Turkey for 3-weekers

July 27-30 - Ephesus, Turkey

July 30-Aug 2 - Istanbul, Turkey

Aug 2 - depart Istanbul for NYC


Note: NYC could change as the departure city. As trip details progress, I’ll keep you informed.



If you are aware of new students or family members that would like to add-in to the trip, we are accepting additional trip add-ons.

How might Covid affect the trip while it's in process?