2020 Rescheduled to 2021 Summer Trip Update


March 2, 2021

Dear Trippers,

I believe we are finally at a time where we can put some specifics to the Rescheduled 2020 Summer trip to Italy, Greece, and Turkey.


There are multiple vaccines available, plus Covid testing is readily available. And the countries of our intended visit have communicated what Summer 2021 travel will look like.  Though there will likely be a few changes as Italy and Greece finalize their plans and requirements for tourism, I believe we are at a place where we can make definite plans for travel.


The things we don’t know yet are:

- specific changes Italy and Greece may make to their stated plans

- many airlines have not yet made all of their flights available for booking

- Covid variants could affect travel in as yet unforseen ways.


However, what we do know is:

- Turkey is open to tourism

- Greece has stated they will not require tourists to have the vaccine

- both Italy and Greece are making plans for summer tourism from the USA


Though at present neither Italy or Greece are open for tourist (as of March), they have both stated plans to open by mid-May or early June.  Because of the lack of definite availability for May or early June, I feel the best approach for us to take is to plan for one two-part trip in July this summer.


Based on the Covid prohibitions Italy and Greece have adopted, there is a very high probability entry requirements will be as follows (again it could possibly change, but most likely wont’):

(1) Proof of Covid vaccination OR

(2) a doctor’s statement you have recovered from Covid fully OR

(3) proof of an antibody test showing you had Covid before OR

(4) a negative Covid test before (a) boarding your flight from the USA, (b) another negative Covid test before entering each foreign country, and (c) another negative Covid test just before boarding your flight to return to the USA.  


Fortunately, the airports all offer rapid Covid tests for about $25 each, so other than a bit of a delay at each international airport, it shouldn’t be a problem if any of our group is not vaccinated with the Covid vaccine.  If you should decide to get vaccinated for Covid, both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are accepted in Europe. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine will most likely be accepted overseas, but as of today it is too new.


Having said all that, here are the dates for the Summer 2021 trip w/ my planned dates in each city.  At this stage, the trip dates could shift plus/minus a day or two, with a subsequent change in each city.  


Round Trip dates to/from NYC: July 11 - Aug 2


July 11 - depart NYC

July 12 - arrive Florence

July 12-15 - Florence

July 15-20 - Rome

July 20-26 - Athens

July 26 - Italy & Greece only trippers depart for NYC

July 26 - overnight cruise from Athens to Turkey for 3-week trippers

July 27-30 - Ephesus, Turkey

July 30-Aug 2 - Istanbul, Turkey

Aug 2 - depart Istanbul for NYC

Italy-Greece-Turkey: July 11-Aug 2

Italy-Greece only: July 11-26


Note: NYC could change as the departure city. As trip details progress, I’ll keep you informed.



If you are aware of new students or family members that would like to add-in to the trip, we are accepting additional trip add-ons.

How might Covid affect the trip while it's in process?

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