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COVID19  & SUMMER Trip Effects 



The "What Ifs" of Covid

1. What if I get Covid and am not able to depart the USA with the group?

   Unfortunately, airfare and some travel expenses are not refundable.  However, if tickets have been purchased in your name, you may receive a flight credit for later travel. 

Travel Insurance (including Overseas Medical coverage) which will reimburse 75% of the trip cost if you are not able to participate, is available for $190 for a Student. This is called CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) insurance and reimburses 75% of your non-refundable trip costs.

Cost may be higher for an Adult.


2. What if I test Negative in the USA, but test Positive for Covid upon arrival in Europe or during the trip?

   Italy, Greece, and Turkey are requiring a “re-test” if you test positive.  If you have covid, you will be required to quarantine.  We will make arrangements to “quarantine” you safely in a separate room at the group lodging.


3. Will I be abandoned overseas?



4. Who pays for the expense if I need a Covid test overseas?

   You are responsible for all Covid testing expenses. As stated earlier, it varies by country. If there is a charge, all countries are providing low-cost covid tests. Typical tests cost between $15-$35 depending on the provider and country.

Note: the Non-Vaccinated participants on the Summer 2021 Trip were Covid tested 6 times at an average cost of $20 per test ($120pp for the entire trip).  The Vaccinated participants on the Summer 2021 Trip were Covid tested 2 times (1X upon entering the EU and 1X for the return flight to the USA). 2022 trippers were not tested at all. 


5. What if I test Positive and need treatment and/or hospitalization while overseas? 


Overseas Medical Insurance which includes Covid treatment is required by for all trip participants. Low cost Overseas Medical Insurance is available that covers the cost of treatment or hospitalization in the unlikely circumstance that is necessary.  Average Student costs for Overseas Medical Insurance with Covid coverage is around $60.  Adult coverage is slightly higher.


NOTE: Overseas Medical Coverage (not Travel Insurance) for the entire 3-week trip (including Covid treatment for a student) is only $60.  Travel Insurance (including Overseas Medical Coverage & Covid treatment) that reimburses for trip cancellation for any reason is only $190.  Various options are available at:



Travel Insurance - covers delays and lost baggage.  This insurance IS NOT required for trip participation.


CFAR Travel Insurance (Cancel For Any Reason) - covers delays, lost baggage, and any reason for trip cancellation by the individual.  This insurance IS NOT required for trip participation.  Typically only covers 75% of non-reimbursed trip costs and must be taken out shortly after trip sign-up.  Details vary by provider.


Overseas Medical Insurance with Covid19 Coverage - covers medical issues that develop during the trip. This insurance IS required for all trip participants.  We have had positive experiences in the past with, though each participant is free to choose coverage from the provider of their choice as long as their coverage includes Covid19 coverage.


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