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Homeschool students spend alot of time learning about history, both ancient and recent.  As a trip participant, you will choose specific sites in advance for which you will be our "site expert" during the trip.  A simple "outline of expectations" will be provided in advance to help you research the type and scope of information you will need to know for your presentation when the group visits the specific site. 


Click below to select your Sites

NOTE: SiteExpert Signup does not start until March 2024 (earlier signups will not be recorded)

Classical Learning Onsite


The group will take time at certain significant sites to engage in Socratic discussions of the historical, political, and cultural impact of the site on past and present history, politics, and Western culture.


Additionally, the group will contrast and compare these ideas with a Christian worldview and the variety of Christian practices and interpretations within the worldwide body of Christ.


You will experience diverse cultures and people during the Service opportunities as we partner with local ministries and churches to bless their country.


Immigrants and travelers from ages gone by traversed the paths we will walk.  Just as the early church spread to these cities and beyond, so we will have the opportunity to touch the lives of locals, immigrants, and travelers from afar with God's message of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.


Cultural information about the various peoples we will encounter will be provided in advance for your perusal.


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