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NOTE: All meals are designed for you to eat with the group, eating the same food as the group meal, at the same establishment where the group is eating.

NOTE: Vegan and gluten-free diets are VERY difficult to maintain on this trip as there are very limited vegan or gluten-free menu options and most of the meals are "family style". (Family Style: the trip leader orders a variety of foods for the group to share around the table at the meal.)


NOTE: If will be covering the cost of your special meals as part of the trip budget, a written medical diagnosis from a Medical Doctor must be submitted in writing from the MD to the office six weeks in advance AND your specific food "requirements" must be discussed with and approved in advance by a TripLeader six weeks prior to trip departure. 

If your food requirements are severe enough, an overseas trip provider other than will be recommended.


NOTE: If you have food allergies or medical conditions that may require an Epi-pen or special medicines, you are REQUIRED to bring an Epi-pen and/or those special medicines with you on the trip, plus any other medications that are needed for your allergic reactions. (Bring duplicate amounts: 1 set in personal bag, 1 set in carry-on luggage)

Epi-pens  and some medicines are not readily available in the locations we travel.

*Food preference or taste does not qualify as a "food allergy".  As a side note, European food regulations are stricter than American regulations and it has been rare for a trip participant to have problems with our trip diet.

NOTE: Fresh, pure, clean, cool water is provided at all meals.  Sometimes bubbly and sparkling, sometimes "au naturale", water is always our drink of choice at meals.  

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