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Classical Conversations

Challenge Directors trip costs are kept low to make the trips available to as many students as possible.  However, discounts are available to current Challenge Directors: Directors receive a $300 discount for themselves on the trip.

Challenge Directors on past trips have commented how much this experience impacts their tutoring ability after seeing firsthand so many of the sites studied in Challenge IV.  As a Challenge Director, you will have the opportunity to lead some of the in-depth Socratic discussions that take place on-site throughout the trip if you desire.  (These sites will be determined in advance so that you can be prepared!)

Due to the large amount of Bible history that has taken place in Turkey, Greece, & Italy, in addition to the high number of significant sites mentioned in Daniel Boorstin's Discoverers, Homer's Illiad, Odyssey, Virgil's Aeneid, and Sophocles' Oedipus Rex you will finish this trip with a new in-depth understanding of the roots and current impact the civilizations of ancient Greece and ancient Rome had on the Western world.  Additionally, you will understand in a new way the phenomenal impact the Christianization of the Western world dramatically altered society and the intellectual thought that now pervades our world.

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