Greece Italy Turkey 2022


#1 Italy Greece Turkey 2022

May 24 - June 14

$3990*  22 days

#2 Italy Greece 2022

May 24 - June 7

$3360*  15 days

#3 Turkey 2022

June 5 - 14

$2560*  10 days

#4 Italy only

May 24-June 1

$2400* 10 days

*from NYC

NOTE: We are Challenge 3 & Challenge 4 Directors who love Classical Conversations, plus we have four Challenge 4 grads, 15 years involvement with CC, and have seen the impact of experiencing first hand the historic sites in the USA & overseas for our own children plus many others we've taken on these trips in the last 10 years. Neither Global Quest Inc nor are endorsed by or affiliated with Classical Conversations Inc.

What is a Classical Trip?

What we can learn

A Classical trip focuses on the roots of our culture, giving specific emphasis to the development of the humanities, arts, and broad aspects of science as they culminated in the world we know.  The trips to Italy, Greece, and Turkey explore the development of our Western culture and it's worldwide influence around us.  Emphasis is particularly given to Christianity's historical impact through Church and society on the Western mindset and how modern followers of Christ can impact our culture.

Christian emphasis

A Biblical worldview provides the context for understanding, organizing, and relating to the world around us.  Additionally, it provides the basis for establishing our purpose, both corporately and individually, in this nation and beyond.


Who can go on these trips? 

The trips to Italy, Greece, and Turkey are designed specifically for Challenge 3 & 4 students and homeschoolers but are also open to parents and siblings (16 or older).

Socratic contemplation

Students who have studied Homer's Illiad and Odyssey and read Virgil's Aeneid take time to discuss, probe, assess, and evaluate the application of themes, principles, and lessons learned.


Engaging discussions help draw out new perspectives, clarify ideas and meanings addressed in class.

The Summer 2022 trip is our 9th year and 14th trip to Italy Greece Turkey

What is Included?

Travel & Lodging

- Round-trip air from NYC.

- Three meals per day

- All travel from NYC including air, train, metro, bus, horse-drawn cart, ferry, and funicular.

- a comfortable bed to sleep on

- all entrance fees and visa fees

Not Included?

- Passport fee & excess baggage charges

- Snacks (outside of the 3 meals per day)

- Souvenirs

- Laundry

- Covid19 testing

- Trip Insurance

- Transportation from your home city to/from NYC

NOTE: A "Turkey only" trip is available for the first time for Summer 2022.  Participants will fly into Greece, then travel with the group from Greece to Turkey (an overnight cruise) and, at trip end, depart Turkey for the USA.